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Atelier Series: Daydream [Digital Download]

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Daydream isan intimate release that includes four instruments geared towards emotional,ethereal contexts.

For the Cozy Piano patch, we recorded an upright piano at the pianissimo rangewith a stereo pair of Neumann KM 184ƒƒ¢ƒ¢¬š¬ƒ¢¬ž¢s placed behind the piano. Great patch ifyouƒƒ¢ƒ¢¬š¬ƒ¢¬ž¢re looking for a soft, intimate piano with just enough character.

We also recorded a crossfade-able, arrhythmic soft sustains performance patch.With the modwheel down, the ebbing of notes is spacious and subtle. As youcrossfade up, the ebbing grows with a touch more urgency anddynamics.

Also included is Recollections; a designed, organic, quietly percolatinginstrument using arrhythmic piano recordings as source material.

Finally the Ether Violin, which utilizes recordings of real auto-panned softtremolo performances captured ƒƒ¢ƒ¢¬š¬ƒ…¬œin-cameraƒƒ¢ƒ¢¬š¬ƒ‚�. This involved using a pair of stereomics while the player physically leaned left/right at various speeds whileperforming the tremolo.

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