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AD2: Black Velvet [Digital Download]

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From massive alternative hits to epic stadium-rock anthems, Black Velvet has you covered with its loud, large, and luxurious drums.

Black Velvet includes presets covering the cleanest alternative rock to grittiest grunge. All done with slick, expensive and larger-than-life grandness. If epic sounds are what you're after, Black Velvet has you covered!

Product Details

Black Velvet has a unique and massive sound because it was recorded in two different spaces. The drums were captured in a gymnasium-sized recording hall while the hi-hat and cymbals were recorded in a smaller studio. By altering overhead/room levels (or loading different presets) you can easily transform the kit from tight-and-fat to loud-and-large. You can even automate the changes to have a tight sound in the verse and gigantic sound in the chorus!

The Black Velvet ADpak includes 30 presets covering many different styles. There are a variety of clean presets that you can use as a starting point for your sound sculpting and tweaking. There are also many production-ready presets that give you instant access to great sounds ranging from tight and fat, to loud and large, and even experimental and industrial styles. If you need professional drumming, The Loud Beats & Songs MIDIpak is a perfect companion.

Black Velvet contains Kick:
  • 22x18" DW Collector's Series
  • 14x5" DW Collector's Series
  • 10x8" DW Collector's Series
  • 12x9" DW Collector's Series
  • 14x14" DW Collector's Series
  • 16x16" DW Collector's Series
  • 13" Zildjian K
  • 14" Zildjian A Custom
  • 8" Zildjian A Custom Splash
  • 10" Zildjian A Custom Splash
  • 16" Zildjian A Custom Crash
  • 18" Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash
  • 18" Zildjian FX Oriental China
  • 20" Zildjian A Custom China
  • 22" Zildjian K Ride
  • LP Tribell

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