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Headbanger Bundle [Digital Download]

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Head-Banging Galore for Your Tracks

The Headbanger Bundle is what you get when you combine 3 of the heaviest hitters, riffers and rockers in the business. Make a statement and unleash a wanton melee of distortion and sonic attitude on your tracks.

What’s in There?

  • 3 virtual backline companions (Drums, Bass & Guitar) for rock genres
  • 170 complementary styles with over 2770 phrases & patterns
  • Loud-mouthed, twangy rock musicians with distinct mixes
  • Great value for money – save over 100€ compared to single purchases

Iron: Powerful distorted chords and riffs Heavy: Soft pop rock ballads to overdrive grunge

Rowdy: Powerful and roaring picked electric bass

Plugin and Play

This bundle is the perfect 'full band' virtual instrument package for anyone making rock or heavier styles of music within any DAW. The frustration-free design philosophy by UJAM ensures ease of use and means that no previous musical instrument skills are required to compose and complete entire tracks.

Soundcloud songs

                1                                                                                                              By NXTGN Music Technology GmbH 



Make a Statement

Bring your ear plugs and prepare to knock out your listeners as this power trio packs some serious punch. Turn up the speakers and listen to some samples and full tracks containing elements of the Headbanger Bundle.

Buy the Bundle – Save Money

UJAM is committed to offering great value instrument bundles to help you create and finish your music tracks faster, better and easier than ever before.

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