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Baby Audio Smooth Operator [Digital Download]

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Track-taming just got creative.

Smooth Operator combines equalization, spectral compression and resonance suppression into a singular, intuitive workflow. Use it to shape your tonal balance while eliminating harsh frequencies in the process.

The plugin adapts to your audio in realtime and automatically resolves muddiness and bad resonances. This gives you full control to creatively shape your tracks – and bring out more clarity.


  • Intelligent algorithm that adapts to your audio in realtime and automatically attacks resonances.

  • Lets you bring out clarity and smoothness across instruments, vocals, drums and mix busses.

  • Allows for creative tone shaping by uniting EQ, compression and resonance suppression in one.

  • New v1.0.1 version eliminates “spectral harmonics” at high threshold levels (HIGH-RES mode).

1- Pull the middle circle down to increase the effect level.

2- Move the 4 outer nodes to shape the tonal response. Preserve frequency areas by moving the nodes up, or remove frequency content by pulling them down. Use your mousewheel or trackpad-scroll to adjust the Q.

3- FOCUS controls how surgical Smooth Operator gets. At 100%, each frequency spike is processed independently. Lower focus values will give you a broader, more balanced, response.

4- Engage SOLO to audition different parts of the frequency spectrum separately during node hover-over.

5a- Engage SIDE CHAIN mode to duck your signal with the frequency balance of another track in your mix. This feature allows you to create a surgical side chain effect where the exact frequency make-up of a lead track can be used for ducking a secondary track.

5b- Click the “M” icon to switch between two algorithm modes: HIGH-RES and CLASSIC.


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